Living Well with Hepatitis B

Posted 10 December, 2020
Living well with hepatitis B

There are around 225,000 people living in Australia with chronic hepatitis B with around 35,000 of those in Queensland. The majority of chronic hepatitis B infections occur in culturally and linguistically diverse populations, many who have high rates, yet low levels of knowledge of chronic hepatitis B.

Hepatitis Queensland has developed a set of simple English resources to raise awareness and encourage hepatitis B testing and monitoring within priority populations. These resources include:

  • Animated videos bringing the classroom materials to life
  • Simple English classroom materials in line with the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) for students at an ISLPR1, working towards ISLPR1+ and ACSF2.
Learning English


“Cooking at the School” is the 1st of 4 animated stories from the Living Well with Hepatitis B reader.

Learn about Chen’s story being diagnosed with hep B and learning more about the virus from a friend.


In this story, Ayanda learns about how hepatitis B may affect her pregnancy and baby.

“Ayanda is pregnant” is the 2nd of 4 animated stories from the Living Well with Hepatitis B reader.

Classroom Materials

These materials are designed to help students learn English while also making them aware of hepatitis B, its impact on health, and the medical support available in Queensland. They are also designed to dispel any fears or misconceptions about this chronic illness in the community.

We hope that by improving English language skills and health literacy in relation to hepatitis B the benefits will extend beyond the classroom and students become an important conduit between family, community and health services.


The Living Well with Hepatitis B Reader is a series of short stories exploring important health issues facing people living with hepatitis B.

Living Well with Hep B Reader

Click on the image above to view sample pages from the reader. For a full copy please contact us.


The Living Well with Hepatitis B Workbook accompanies the above reader. It contains hepatitis B information along with activities to build English grammar and literacy skills.

Living Well with Hepatitis B Workbook

Click on the image above to view sample pages from the workbook. For a full copy please contact us.

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