Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Hepatitis B Health Promotion Project

Posted 01 October, 2019

Work has begun on a new hepatitis B health promotion project which has a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The project targets hepatitis B positive mothers and their babies, young people aged 15-25 years, and men and women aged over 50 years as well as hepatitis B service providers.

The project will run until late 2021 and includes four key elements:

  • A clinical audit
  • Workforce Development Education and Training
  • Community engagement
  • Resource production

The project will have a focus on people living with or at risk of chronic hepatitis B and aims to:

  • increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people‚Äôs knowledge of hepatitis B prevention strategies and encourage testing in relevant communities;
  • increase the knowledge and skills of healthcare providers in identified locations to provide appropriate monitoring, care and treatment for chronic hepatitis B;
  • connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with hepatitis B to appropriate health service provider in their communities.

This will be achieved through community education activities, resource development and focused community led initiatives that support better access to long term treatment and monitoring. The work provided through this project aims to enhance and support the excellent services ACCHS provide in Indigenous health care.

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