Hepatitis Treatment Fund

Seeking treatment and care with a blood-borne virus can be a significant challenge for tens of thousands of Queenslanders every year.

For many the additional burden of testing and treatment costs means they are missing out on life saving care.

Through the generosity of our donors, the Hepatitis Treatment Fund helps vulnerable Queenslanders by providing financial support for viral hepatitis treatment and related services, including testing and monitoring costs.

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How is the Hepatitis Treatment Fund supported?

The Hepatitis Treatment Fund is supported entirely by donations made to Hepatitis Queensland.

Who is eligible to receive financial support?

All people living with viral hepatitis who are Medicare eligible and living in Queensland and are otherwise unable to meet their costs of care are eligible to receive financial support from the Hepatitis Treatment Fund.

How do I apply for support from the Hepatitis Treatment Fund?

Call 1800 437 222 to make an application on behalf of a client or yourself.

How do I donate to the Hepatitis Treatment Fund?

Donations can be made online.

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