About HQ

Who we are

Hepatitis Queensland is a community based, non-government organisation representing the interests of people affected by, or at risk of viral hepatitis. Our mission is to provide a holistic, innovative and pro-active response to the challenges facing people directly affected by viral hepatitis and their families.

Hepatitis Queensland is an incorporated body, a registered charity, and has tax deductible status with the Australian Tax Office.

Our Vision

Better liver health for ALL Queenslanders

Our Mission

To address stigma, improve the lives of those affected by viral hepatitis and meet emerging liver health challenges

Our Objectives

  • We deliver projects that drive change in our communities
  • We advocate through creating powerful, engaging content and resources
  • We empower and educate the workforce to understand the challenges of living with viral hepatitis
  • We have groundbreaking outreach programs that are curing people living with hepatitis C
  • We have a ‘think outside the box’ approach to breaking stigma and barriers associated with viral hepatitis
  • We work to change public policies, attitudes and behaviours related to viral hepatitis and liver health
  • We partner with governments, public and private sectors, and foster greater public awareness of the urgent issues surrounding viral hepatitis.

A brief history of HQ

In 1995 a small group of people living with hepatitis C in Brisbane decided to form an organisation to assist others across the state.

Originally called the Hepatitis C Council of Queensland, the organisation set out to:

  • facilitate hepatitis C support groups across the state,
  • provide information to members of the public,
  • help prevent transmission,
  • raise public awareness of the disease and its medical and social ramifications,
  • provide support and counselling to hepatitis C positive people and their significant others,
  • provide information and education to primary health care workers, and,
  • provide advocacy for those with an interest in hepatitis C.

Jump forward twenty-one years and the landscape may have changed, but the organisation’s focus is still much the same. Now called Hepatitis Queensland to recognise an inclusive focus on all types of viral hepatitis, the organisation is still an active player in providing information, support and advocacy across the state.

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