Education & Training

Education & Training

At Hepatitis Queensland we are passionate about providing dynamic education and hepatitis training resources about viral hepatitis and liver health.

Get the latest information on viral hepatitis and liver health in our interactive education workshops.

Training delivery mode

Education sessions are tailored for your organisation’s needs, time frames (can be incorporated into existing staff meetings or other staff education days) and can be offered in a range of different formats:

  • Face to face
  • Online
  • Through the Queensland Health Telehealth network

Those who may benefit from our workshops include: 

  • Community and social services organisations
  • Staff working with or supporting clients affected by, or at risk of, viral hepatitis
  • Alcohol and drug services
  • Aged care facilities
  • Local hospitals
  • Youth services
  • Housing or homelessness services
  • Staff in the personal care industry
  • Staff in construction, water management and other related industries.

Training Content

  • The difference between hepatitis B and C
  • How viral hepatitis is transmitted
  • Testing for hepatitis B and C
  • Treatment and management options
  • How we can eliminate hepatitis locally and impact global elimination
  • Overview of point of care testing in Australia
  • Overview of sexually transmitted infections and HIV

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Hepatitis C – For GPs

Hepatitis Queensland has developed a three-part online video series focused on key steps to treating hepatitis C in community practice. The short videos are packed full of great tips and tools to support GPs in continuing the hepatitis C elimination effort in their practice.

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This was part of the HEAT initiative, a project sponsored by Queensland Health. Hepatitis Queensland would like to acknowledge Dr. Alison Stewart for her support, collaboration and enthusiasm in supporting the HEAT initiative and the development of these education videos.

Hepatitis C – For non-clinical staff

Everyone plays a role of achieving viral hepatitis elimination in Australia by 2026. These bite-sized videos are designed to provide you with essential viral hepatitis knowledge. Armed with this information you can interact with your clients and promote the importance of testing and treatment.

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Hepatitis B Family Tree: Webinar Series

The Hepatitis B Family tree video series aimed at the non-clinical health workforce. Part 1 includes an overview of the epidemiology, transmission, and testing as well as things to consider when working with clients with chronic hepatitis B. Part 1 is narrated by Dr Joseph Debattista – Sexual Health HIV & Hepatitis Coordinator, Metro North Public Health Unit, Brisbane.

Part 2 takes a deeper look at what a conversation might look like when a patient receives a positive diagnosis. This webinar has been filmed over three appointments and follows the testing, diagnosis and six monthly check up (liver cancer surveillance) process while providing some of the background information for the non-clinical workforce.

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