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Hepatitis Queensland is a community based, non-government organisation that represents the interests of people affected by, or at risk of viral hepatitis. Our mission is to provide a holistic, innovative and pro-active response to the challenges facing people directly affected by viral hepatitis and their families.

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440,000+ people are currently living with Hep B or C in Australia. Over 85,000 of them are Queenslanders

“There are very few occasions in history where an opportunity to eliminate any disease has arisen. Fortunately we have that opportunity now with hepatitis C…”
Helen Tyrell, Chief Executive, Hepatitis Australia.

400 million people worldwide are living with viral hepatitis

1.2 million people worldwide are dying every year

Over 40,000 Queenslanders have hepatitis C, over 37,000 have hepatitis B

A vaccine is available for hepatitis A and B

There is treatment available for both hepatitis B and C

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Incorrect media reporting about hepatitis

Incorrect media reporting about hepatitis

At Hepatitis Queensland our vision is to see a Queensland free from the effects of viral hepatitis. So it alarms us when incorrect information is reported in the media,

Toothbrushes, teeth and hepatitis

Toothbrushes, teeth and hepatitis

The connection between World Oral Health Day and hepatitis might seem like a stretch…however there are many things that connect oral health and hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

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