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Welcome to Our Online Training for Hepatitis and Liver Health.

Enhance your liver health knowledge with our user-friendly and engaging online training modules. Whether you are a community member or someone working with those impacted or at risk of hepatitis B and hepatitis C, our training is designed to be accessible and informative.

Are you interested to learn more about hepatitis B?

Hepatitis Queensland is excited to launch our first online education module for non-clinical health workers, community workers and community members!

The module will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will provide a comprehensive overview of hepatitis B.

What will I learn?

  • What is hepatitis B?
  • Hep B transmission risks
  • Hep B prevention (testing, vaccination)
  • Hep B and pregnancy
  • Living well with hep B
  • Stigma and discrimination

Who is it suitable for?
Anyone! This module is designed to be brief and informative, providing a basic overview of hepatitis B to raise awareness among individuals and communities.

The content covered in this piece is not clinical, but it can still be beneficial for clinical staff to step through. While being appropriate for community members who might be living with hep B themselves, or at risk of hepatitis B, or wanting to find out more for a family member or friend.

Hepatitis Queensland has developed a three-part online video series focused on key steps to treating hepatitis C in community practice. The short videos are packed full of great tips and tools to support GPs in continuing the hepatitis C elimination effort in their practice.

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This was part of the HEAT initiative, a project sponsored by Queensland Health. Hepatitis Queensland would like to acknowledge Dr. Alison Stewart for her support, collaboration and enthusiasm in supporting the HEAT initiative and the development of these education videos.

Everyone plays a role of achieving viral hepatitis elimination in Australia by 2030. These bite-sized videos are designed to provide you with essential viral hepatitis knowledge. Armed with this information you can interact with your clients and promote the importance of testing and treatment.

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