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Hepatitis Queensland has developed a three-part online video series focused on key steps to treating hepatitis C in general practices. The short videos are packed full of great tips and tools to support GPs in continuing the hepatitis C elimination effort in their practice.

Part one

What are the 5 steps & who to screen in your practice

Part two

Stepping it through in more detail

Part three

Case study

This was part of the HEAT initiative, a project sponsored by Queensland Health. Hepatitis Queensland would like to acknowledge Dr. Alison Stewart for her support, collaboration and enthusiasm in supporting the HEAT initiative and the development of these education videos.

Liver Health Clinic

Have you thought about hosting a Liver Health Clinic day at your general practice for your patients? Liver disease rates are on the rise with liver cancer now the fastest growing cause of cancer deaths in Australia. 

Major causes of chronic liver disease include: 

  • Heavy alcohol use
  • hepatitis B
  • hepatitis C
  • fatty liver

Obesity, older age and co-infection with HIV can also increase the chance of worsening liver disease. 

Get in touch and we can support you in running a liver health clinic with free access to a mobile  with capacity to measure fatty change in your liver.

Outreach Community Nurse

Our experienced outreach community nurse can assist your medical practice to confidently find and treat hepatitis C patients by building the workforce capacity of your staff.  

This important initiative increases access to primary health centred options for hepatitis C and helps alleviate unnecessary tertiary hospital referrals. 

General practices are supported across three different levels: 

  • Provider Support- practice education and access to a Fibroscan machine with a qualified operator  
  • Practice Support- Practice management system tips, including assistance with PIPs and audits
  • Patient Support- health promotion resources and patient support resources 

Fibroscan Service 

We can provide access to a mobile FibroScan with a qualified operator at your clinic.

For more information and bookings contact Jeanette Tibbs, our friendly outreach community nurse or call 07 3846 0020. 

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