Correctional Centre Project (People in Prison Resources)

Posted 01 January, 2007

We continue to provide information, support, resources, and education to people in prison and to the correctional centre workforce. Our current activities include: 

Telephone support

People in prison can call Hepatitis Queensland for a free, confidential 10-minute conversation on ARUNTA No 12 and request a hepatitis information pack which includes a deck of playing cards. The playing cards include important health messages about looking after your liver and are full of information about hepatitis B and C. These cards also include information about support services available once a person in prison has been released.

Playing cards animation series

Based on the success of our playing cards we created a three-part animation series. These short 30 second videos include information about the transmission of hepatitis C, how to get tested for hepatitis C in Correctional Centres and how easy the new hepatitis C treatments are.

Easy to Get – Hepatitis C animations in Correctional Centres

Part 1: Set in a correctional centre this animation shows the different ways you can…

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Easy to Test – Hepatitis C animations in Correctional Centres

Part 2: This animation shows how to get tested for hepatitis C in a Correctional…

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Easy to Treat – Hepatitis C animations in Correctional Centres

Part 3: This animation shows how to get treated for hepatitis C in a Correctional…

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Personal stories animation

We have also introduced a new 90 second animation that shares personal stories of people previously living with hepatitis C and their journey to becoming hepatitis C free.

Buy up bags

Health promotion messaging appeared on buy up bags available in the Correctional Centres canteens.

Workforce Resources and Posters

Hepatitis C and Correctional Officers


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Hep C treatment has changed poster (For correctional centres)

Hepatitis C is… Easy to get You get hep C from blood-to-blood contact. Don’t share:…

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