The impact of stigma and discrimination on hepatitis B

Posted 16 November, 2021
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296 million people live with hepatitis B worldwide, and for many, their lives are made infinitely more challenging by stigma and discrimination.

A new report released by the World Hepatitis Alliance highlights the urgent global action needed to tackle hepatitis B stigma and discrimination and save thousands of lives that are lost each year despite available treatments.

So what can we do in Queensland?

Queensland’s Human Rights Commission is currently reviewing the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act to determine if the current law protects and promotes equality and non-discrimination to the greatest extent possible.

If you have experienced stigma or discrimination as the result of a health condition we encourage you to take part in the review.

You can either share your experience with Hepatitis Queensland to help inform our submission, or you can contribute directly to the Commission.

If you’d like to share your experiences, please get in touch on 07 3846 0020 or ceo@hepqld.asn.au.

#StopStigma #HepBLivesMatter

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