Preventing Liver Cancer This World Cancer Day

Posted 04 February, 2024
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Preventing Liver Cancer This World Cancer Day

Every year on 4th February, World Cancer Day reminds us that millions of cancer-related deaths are preventable with access to proper treatment and care.

In 2023, Australia saw an estimated 3,048 new cases of liver cancer, mainly affecting people aged 50 and older. A leading contributor to liver cancer is viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

With hepatitis symptoms going largely unnoticed, regular testing, treatment and monitoring are essential, especially for those at higher risk.

Hepatitis B prevention is possible with vaccines available to stop the spread of the virus. While there is no vaccine to prevent hepatitis C, there are highly effective treatments available that can cure chronic hepatitis C within 8 to 12 weeks.

World Cancer Day

Coping with a hepatitis or liver cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but there are organisations and services that can provide assistance and guidance.

Cancer Council Australia

The Cancer Council offers a wealth of information and support services for individuals dealing with cancer, including liver cancer. They provide resources on understanding the disease, treatment options, and coping strategies. The Cancer Council Helpline (13 11 20) offers confidential support and can connect individuals with professionals and support groups.

Your GP

Your doctor plays a crucial role in the management of liver health. If you suspect you may be at risk of liver disease, your doctor can order tests, provide information on available treatments, and refer you to specialists or support services as needed.

Hepatitis Queensland

The Hepatitis Queensland website and Infoline are valuable resources for those at risk or affected by hepatitis, offering information on prevention, testing and treatment. Our online Hepatitis Quiz can help you find out if you may have been exposed to hepatitis B or C, and our Health Services Directory can assist you in finding a health professional specialising in hepatitis in your local area.

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