Australians are diagnosed with liver cancer every day

What is #OctoberIs4Livers?

#OctobersIs4Livers is a global campaign raising awareness of liver cancer across the month of October. Liver cancer is now the fastest growing cause of cancer deaths with at least seven Australians diagnosed every day.

Many of these deaths could be prevented with early detection, hepatitis B vaccination, hepatitis C treatment, regular monitoring and, lifestyle changes.

The main risk factors for liver cancer include:

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Hepatitis Treatment Fund – Now Taking Donations

What is the Hepatitis Treatment Fund?
The Hepatitis Treatment Fund provides emergency funding for Queenslanders needing hepatitis treatment and related services, including testing and monitoring costs. The Fund is supported entirely by donations made to Hepatitis Queensland.

Who is eligible to receive financial support from the Treatment Fund?
Funding is available to those living with viral hepatitis in Queensland who are unable to pay for their costs of care. Recipients must also be eligible for Medicare.

How can I apply for funding?
Call 1800 437 222 to make an application on behalf of a client or yourself.

How can I donate to the fund?

Donations can be made at www.givenow.com.au/hepatitisqld. During October donors will receive a pair of liver earrings in return for donating to the Treatment Fund.

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70% of Liver Cancer is Preventable

Liver cancer is on the rise but the good news is 70% of liver cancer is preventable.

Hepatitis B

Your best protection from hepatitis B is vaccination. The hepatitis B vaccine is a safe and effective vaccination that has been around since 1982.

If you are living with hepatitis B it is important to see a health professional to regularly check your liver and how it is working. The earlier any changes are detected, the more options you will have in treatment.

Hepatitis C

Highly successful and simple treatments are available to cure hepatitis C. Treatment is usually tablets daily for 8 to 12 weeks and can be prescribed by a GP. Find a local doctor here

After being cured of hepatitis C you may have permanent liver damage which will need to be monitored regularly by a specialist. Your check ups may include a FibroScan examination which is simple scan using a machine similar to an ultrasound. Talk to your doctor about checking your liver health.


Give yourself the best possible protection from liver cancer:

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