National Superhero Day

Posted 28 April, 2021
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Each year on April 28th, National Superhero Day brings people together to celebrate all their favourite superheroes.

We took a quick poll at Hepatitis Queensland to find out everyone’s favourite superhero.

Katelin (CEO): Lovely Lady Locks

Sam (Programs Manager): Iron Man

Winnie (Project Officer): Groot

Jeanette (Community Nurse): Spider-Man

Jessie (Digital Communications Officer): She-Ra, Princess of Power

The Liver Hero

While you would recognise many of these fictional superheroes, there are real-life heroes who we think should also be recognised.

The liver is an often under-appreciated hero working hard to keep your body functioning. Not only is it the largest organ inside your body, it also performs over 500 functions, such as:

  • Filtering the good stuff that your body can use, and getting rid of the things that are of no use or are harmful (alcohol, toxins etc),
  • Making and storing vitamins and minerals,
  • Assisting in hormone production which helps to regulate our mental health
  • Regulating your energy levels by storing and releasing sugars
  • Producing the building blocks your body needs to make cells.

The best way to look after the hero inside, is to:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Use alcohol responsibly
  • Ask your GP for a liver check and hepatitis test.

For support and information on keeping your liver healthy, phone the Hepatitis Queensland InfoLine on 1800 437 222 or contact us online.

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