National Condom Day: Practicing Safe Sex is Essential for Everyone

Posted 14 February, 2023
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Hepatitis Queensland is proud to support National Condom Day. Celebrated annually on February 14th, National Condom Day is a time to encourage and promote the use of condoms.

Condoms are a reliable way to prevent the spread of hepatitis B and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and it is essential that everyone has access to them.

Rates of viral hepatitis and STIs remain higher in prison populations than in the general community, and the spread of infection within these settings is a major concern.

Condoms have been available in prisons in all other Australian states and territories for at least a decade, with Queensland yet to follow suit.

Hepatitis Queensland CEO Angela Uilderks says harm reduction measures, such as condoms, benefit people in correctional centres and the wider community.

“With most people in prison released back into the community, preventing infectious diseases within custodial settings benefits everyone,” she said.

“The reality is STIs, and blood-borne viruses exist within correctional centres. Aligning with other states and territories, by making condoms available, will provide an essential harm reduction measure.”

Research from the Kirby Institute, a world-leading health research institute at UNSW Sydney, reveals providing condoms in prisons increases safe sex practices without leading to an increase in sexual activity.

Hepatitis Queensland is the peak body for hepatitis and liver health within Queensland. We are a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of initiatives to improve healthcare access, address stigma, improve the lives of those affected by viral hepatitis and meet emerging liver health challenges.

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