How Queensland Prisons Celebrate National Condom Day

Posted 14 February, 2024
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In the heart of Queensland, where the sun kisses the golden land, and the coral reefs whisper tales of the ocean, a different story unfolds within the confines of its prisons. As National Condom Day dawns, it’s a day like no other for the men and women behind bars in the sunshine state. Unlike the rest of Australia, where the importance of safe sex is acknowledged within prison walls, Queensland stands alone; those incarcerated are devoid of an important lifeline—condoms.

In the absence of accessible and reliable protection, those in prison are left to navigate their time within a correctional centre without the necessary resources to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like hepatitis B. The repercussions of this gap in preventive measures extend beyond the prison walls, potentially impacting public health when those in prison are reintegrated into society.

Amid calls for reform and increased awareness, advocates argue that providing condoms within prisons is not just about acknowledging the health needs of inmates but is fundamentally tied to human rights and responsible correctional practices. Supporters of this initiative point to successful implementations in other parts of the country where condoms have been freely distributed for at least a decade, allowing those in prison to make responsible choices without compromising security.

The debate surrounding the provision of condoms within prisons in Queensland has gained momentum, with voices both within and outside the correctional system advocating for a shift in policy. Hepatitis Queensland is once again urging authorities to make a change, emphasising the need for harm reduction measures that prioritise the well-being of everyone, regardless of their current circumstances.

As the sun sets on National Condom Day, the question lingers in the Queensland air: Will the sunshine state acknowledge the basic right to sexual health for those behind bars and introduce condoms? Or will Queensland continue to stand alone in this aspect, the only state/territory in Australia not promoting safe sex practices to those confined within prison walls?

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