Hep B training for the non-clinical workforce

Posted 20 June, 2019
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Hepatitis B is an area of our work that often causes stress and anxiety for workers and clients – it just isn’t as straight forward as hepatitis C, there isn’t a cure in the form of magic pills. Hepatitis B has phases, antibodies and antigens, and lifelong treatments. However, we often find that when a few key concepts are cemented the rest makes a lot more sense.

So we created The Hep B Family Tree webinar series for the non-clinical workforce to assist with these key concepts.

The first webinar in the series is the story and information behind hepatitis B. This webinar is narrated by Dr Joseph Debattista (Sexual Health, HIV & Hepatitis Coordinator, Metro North Public Health Unit, Brisbane). Joe highlights the gaps in the hepatitis B space and why we need to be starting conversations with clients and patients. Joe explores the epidemiology of hepatitis B, transmission, testing and liver cancer surveillance.

The second webinar takes this information a little further and demonstrates what might occur between a clinician and a patient who is diagnosed with hepatitis B. This webinar has been filmed over three appointments to capture the testing process, a positive diagnosis, and following the patient through to their six monthly check up (liver cancer surveillance).

Mim the Outreach Nurse at Hepatitis Queensland plays the Clinician, and Nga a community member is the patient. This webinar comes to life with their interaction and highlights some of the key concepts that need to be discussed with every patient about hepatitis B.

Hepatitis Queensland would like to thank Joe and Nga for their involvement in this webinar series!

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