Level Up Your Liver Health This World Hepatitis Day

Posted 28 July, 2023
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Level Up Your Liver Health This World Hepatitis Day

Just like in your favourite video game, the health of your liver is crucial for a successful journey this World Hepatitis Day 2023.

Hepatitis is a global health concern, with millions of people worldwide affected by hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Unfortunately, many individuals remain unaware they have hepatitis B or C, leaving them vulnerable to long-term liver damage, including cirrhosis and liver cancer.

World Hepatitis Day serves as a reminder that hepatitis can impact anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background, and that knowledge and proactive measures are the ultimate power-ups for a healthy liver.

On World Hepatitis Day, Hepatitis Queensland invites you to join the game-changing adventure by taking the following steps:

Level Up Your Knowledge

Dive into the world of hepatitis and learn about the different types of hepatitis, how they are spread, and how to protect yourself.

Assess Your Risk

Take the online hepatitis quiz to uncover your risk factors and plan your next move.

Get Tested

If you suspect you’ve come into contact with hepatitis or are unsure of your status, it’s time to get tested. Hepatitis tests aren’t part of routine blood tests so you’ll need to ask your doctor for a hepatitis blood test.

Practice Safe Behaviours

Reduce your risk of hepatitis transmission. Practice safe sex, avoid sharing needles or personal care items, and use reputable tattoo and piercing services.

Get a Hepatitis Protection Power-Up

Vaccination is available for hepatitis B, and an effective cure is available for hepatitis C. Your doctor can test your hepatitis B immunisation level and prescribe hepatitis C medication if needed.

Join forces with Hepatitis Queensland on World Hepatitis Day by raising awareness, promoting liver health, and encouraging friends and family to assess their hepatitis risk. By taking these heroic steps, we can defeat hepatitis for good.

Visit hepcantwait.org.au to level up your liver health.

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