Team Spotlight: Angela - CEO

Posted 13 December, 2022
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Welcome to our Team Spotlight Series, where we introduce you to one of our teams members so you can get to know us. This time we’d love to introduce you to our CEO Angela Uilderks.

Angela Uilderks

When did you start at Hepatitis Queensland?

11th August 2022

What’s a typical day like?

No two days are the same, which I love! It is not unusual for me to go from strategic planning to discussing operational project implementation and meeting community/key stakeholders all within the same day. It is this variety that appeals to me.

What excites you about your role?

Building on the strong legacy that has been created to date excites me. Hepatitis Queensland is in the fortunate position of having an experienced and committed Board, complemented by a high calibre team. The genuine commitment to reducing barriers to health care in relation to the elimination of viral hepatitis and promotion of liver health is inspiring.

What’s something you’ve learnt in the past week?

Being new to the sector, I learn something new every day! A recent key insight is the need for a clear commitment to prevention and harm reduction strategies in relation to the elimination of viral hepatitis (particularly hep C). Testing and treatment are of course critical elements, however eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030 will not be achieved without a significant commitment to a range of prevention strategies.

How do you define success?

I have always had a strong social conscience and so success to me is always about providing maximum positive benefit to the community. I believe that exceptional outcomes are achieved when diverse people work together within ‘safe’ cultures that allow them to leverage their collective strengths.

What work did you do before joining HQ?

Prior to HQ, I was the Chief Operating Officer of a not-for-profit within Melbourne, Victoria that administered 10 cemetery locations. My work involved identifying viable growth strategies and opportunities to deliver maximum value to a highly multi-cultural community and vulnerable clients.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

When not working, I like spending time with my family, reading, bike riding and the occasional long walk/hike.

Who inspires you?

My step-father ‘Gary’ inspires me and continues to be my most influential role model. Growing up he reinforced the benefits of a strong work ethic, integrity, striving to reach your full potential and challenging norms defined by others that limit opportunities. He always made clear that success comes from hard work, an education is a gift, the greatest learnings are from failures and that in relation to my future, there are no boundaries. He is a true inspiration and I am incredibly fortunate to have him in my life.

What’s a fun fact about you people may not know?

I have participated in two OXFAM 100km treks. One in Melbourne that took 24 hours to complete. The second in NZ, where I fainted from exhaustion about 20km before the finish line!

What three words best describe you?

Genuine, loyal and resilient.

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