Shaping a Brighter Future: October Is 4 Livers Campaign

Posted 10 October, 2023
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October Is 4 Livers is a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness, shaping policies, enhancing education, and improving clinical practices to address the increasing challenges posed by liver cancer.

In Australia, liver cancer has gained attention as one of the fastest-rising causes of cancer deaths. However, we believe that with concerted efforts and the right information, we can reduce its impact and save lives.

Understanding the Challenge

Liver cancer is currently the seventh most common cause of cancer-related deaths in Australia. Most notably, chronic hepatitis B, a leading cause of liver cancer, often remains undetected until it reaches an advanced stage. In Queensland alone, over 25,000 people are not receiving any care for their chronic hepatitis B, with 28% remaining undiagnosed.

The silent nature of liver cancer, often without early symptoms, makes it crucial to focus on prevention and monitoring. This includes vaccination against hepatitis B, early diagnosis, and ongoing monitoring and treatment to reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Octobers Is 4 Livers

The Power of Awareness

October Is 4 Livers aims to shine a light on the voices of people living with hepatitis B, like Bec, who shared her experience. Bec’s story highlights the lack of understanding about hepatitis B within the healthcare system and the Indigenous community. She notes that “barriers stand in the way of access to treatment, which must be broken down before we can begin to address how the virus is transmitted and what it means to be a carrier.”

These are precisely the issues that October Is 4 Livers, alongside Hepatitis Queensland, seeks to address.

Taking Action – October Is 4 Livers

As we observe October Is 4 Livers throughout October, it’s essential to remember that awareness and action go hand in hand. Whether it’s getting vaccinated, supporting those affected, or contributing to campaigns like this, each step counts.

By promoting awareness, education, and better healthcare practices, we can work towards a future where liver cancer is not the challenge it is today. The October Is 4 Livers campaign is an opportunity for us to join forces and make a tangible difference in the fight against liver cancer.

To learn more about hepatitis B and the inspiring stories of individuals like Bec, watch and share the Powerful and Free film. Join us in our mission to prevent and manage liver cancer, one step at a time.

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