What is a healthy diet for people with hepatitis

Posted 18 September, 2020
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What is a healthy diet?
A well-balanced diet should provide all the vitamins and minerals you need. The Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults recommends enjoying a wide variety of nutritious foods:
 Eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits.
 Eat plenty of cereals (including breads, rice,
pasta and noodles)—preferably wholegrain.
 Include lean meat, fish, poultry and/or
 Include milks, yoghurts, cheeses and/or
alternatives (choose reduced-fat varieties
where possible).
 Drink plenty of water.
 Swap high saturated fat foods with healthier
options such as nut butters, avocado and
other oils.
 Limit foods and drinks containing salt
 Limit your alcohol intake if you choose to
 Consume only a moderate amount of sugar
and foods containing added sugars.

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