National Prisons Hepatitis Education Project Report

Posted 11 November, 2021
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Australian correctional centres have a high prevalence of hepatitis C with people in prison identified as a priority population for assessment and treatment.

The latest report from the National Prisons Hepatitis Education Project provides an understanding of the perceived knowledge, attitudes, and capabilities regarding hepatitis C (HCV) testing and treatment in the prison sector by three target audience groups – healthcare providers, correctional officers and people who are incarcerated.

Through a national needs assessment, the report shows a need for the development of prison-specific HCV education for these target audiences.

Key educational focus areas were identified for each target audience:

  • Non-hepatitis skilled healthcare workers – further HCV education focussing on enhancing skills and building confidence to actively promote testing and treatment.
  • Correctional officers and people in prison – prison-specific HCV education aimed at enhancing knowledge and shifting negative attitudes.

You can read the full report here:

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