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Posted 09 November, 2021
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Working in the health sector made it increasingly difficult for Queenslander Liz to put her head in the sand about her own wellbeing.

Talking to people about how a healthy lifestyle can lessen the likelihood of developing serious health conditions, made Liz realise she needed an intervention of her own.

“Sometimes you can be blind to the fact that it’s time to take better care of yourself,’’ she says. “In my case, there were even a few red flags that I had chosen to ignore, but not anymore.’’

Those red flags included a family history of diabetes and heart disease. When the free, healthy lifestyle program My health for life was offered at her workplace as a work initiative, she jumped at the opportunity to take part.

Liz enjoyed it so much that when the group sessions finished, she immediately enrolled in free phone coaching sessions on offer outside of her workplace.

“I was really surprised about how do-able it all was. Mostly it was about tweaking habits and making simple changes,’’ she says.

The My health for life program is funded by the Queensland Government and developed and delivered by the Healthier Queensland Alliance – a group of not-for-profit agencies that includes Diabetes Queensland, the Heart Foundation and the Stroke Foundation.

The program is designed to help Queenslanders live and age well, particularly those at risk of developing serious conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

A simple online health check at myhealthforlife.com.au will tell you if the program is right for you. Liz admits the program was the gentle push she needed.

“Taking the first step made me feel proactive,” she says. “Once I began achieving my health goals, I became more confident and inspired to achieve even more.”

Whether it’s eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, sleeping better or managing stress, My health for life will support you to achieve your health goal. Visit www.myhealthforlife.com.au or call 13 74 75 to learn more.

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