It's Your Right Campaign - Live Free of Hep C

Posted 10 May, 2022
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It’s Your Right is a new campaign promoting hepatitis C testing and treatment for people who inject drugs. Launched on April 11th, the campaign is rolling out across Brisbane, Townsville, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast to let people know the new treatments are easier, have fewer side effects, can be done while using drugs, and that people can be treated again and again.

The campaign will run for three months using billboards, posters, street advertising, social media, and a dedicated website to raise awareness about treatments and encourage people to connect with their local peer organisation. Peers are people with lived experience of hep C and/or injecting drug use and are trusted sources of support. Queensland Injectors Health Network (QuIHN) will have peers out on the ground to talk to people and provide testing at key events.

“It’s important for people to understand that hep C treatment can cure you of the virus, it can get rid of it from your body in 8- 12 weeks, and everybody has the right to access this treatment across Australia.” Esha Leyden, Peer Worker at QuIHN.

The campaign was designed with and for people who inject drugs. QuIHN is a proud partner of the It’s Your Right campaign supported by the Eliminate Hepatitis C Australia Partnership led by Burnet Institute and the Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL). These organisations are working towards eliminating hepatitis C as a public health threat in Australia.

Supporting the campaign

If you would like to promote the campaign, you can get in touch using the contact details below. The team can send you a set of eye-catching posters for display areas. You can also promote the campaign website www.itsyourright.com.au


  • Esha Leyden, Peer Harm Reduction Worker, QuIHN eshal@quihn.org
  • Emily Adamson, Program Manager, EC Australia, Burnet Institute emily.adamson@burnet.edu.au

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