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Yes! There are very successful treatments available for hepatitis C. Find out more by speaking to your doctor or contact Hepatitis Queensland

Transmission of hepatitis B via sexual contact can be easily prevented by vaccination or use of barrier type contraception (e.g.condoms). Transmission of hepatitis C via sexual contact is unusual, however the likelihood increases if there is coinfection with HIV.

Hepatitis B:

There is a 95% chance that a mother with chronic hepatitis B will pass it on to her baby if no steps are taken by the medical staff to prevent transmission. 

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Hepatitis C:

Women with hepatitis C have a very low risk of passing hep C on to their baby before or during birth. About 95% of babies born to hep C positive mothers WILL NOT get hep C.

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What is hepatitis?

The word “hepatitis” means inflammation of the liver, which is the body’s normal response to infection and toxic stimuli. Viral hepatitis is the most common form of liver inflammation. It can be caused by any of the hepatitis viruses identified as A, B C, D and E.

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