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Hepatitis A is a short-term infection that causes inflammation (swelling) of the liver. It is spread through contaminated food or drink.

Most people experience gastro-like symptoms lasting for one to three weeks, and in some cases up to eight weeks. Some people, especially young children, may have no symptoms at all.

Once you have had hepatitis A, you will have a life-long immunity from re-infection to the virus. Additionally, having the hepatitis A vaccination will give you life-long immunity.

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What is hepatitis?

The word “hepatitis” means inflammation (swelling and pain) of the liver. Hepatitis can be caused by viruses (viral hepatitis), alcohol, drugs and other toxins.

Viral hepatitis is a common cause of liver inflammation, and there are 5 types: A, B, C, D, and E. While all these viruses affect the liver, they are spread in different ways and have different treatments.

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