Hepatitis Queensland 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

Posted 08 September, 2020
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Hepatitis Queensland 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

The Hepatitis Queensland Strategic Plan 2021-2023 sets the strategic priorities for Hepatitis Queensland as we pursue our vision of better liver health for ALL Queenslanders.


Better liver health for ALL Queenslanders


To address stigma, improve the lives of those affected by viral hepatitis and meet emerging liver health challenges.

Hepatitis Queensland Strategic Priorities

Pillar 1 – Eliminate viral hepatitis

  1. Raise awareness of viral hepatitis to encourage treatment
  2. Upscaling testing, treatment & management
  3. Expanding access to treatment in new sectors
  4. Exploring new research collaborations

Pillar 2 – Best practice health care responses

  1. Develop and improve models of care
  2. Deliver workforce capacity development
  3. Innovation in services and programs
  4. Supporting access to best practice care in communities

Pillar 3 – Patient-centred, peer-informed safe services

  1. Meaningful involvement of lived experience
  2. Reduce stigma and discrimination
  3. Raise profile of viral hepatitis and liver health in the wider community
  4. Ensure activities are culturally appropriate

Pillar 4 – Leadership in liver health

  1. Meet emerging liver health challenges
  2. Develop portfolio of liver health services
  3. Advocacy to expand response to liver health
  4. Seek collaborations in liver health research

Pillar 5 – Organisational capability and sustainability

  1. Seek diverse funding in new sectors
  2. Implement quality framework
  3. Invest in staff development
  4. Broaden regional reach
  5. Improve and expand statewide digital footprint
  6. Clear stakeholder communication
  7. Partnerships and engagement
  8. Preparedness for regulatory change

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