Liver Health Clinics

Posted 01 September, 2019

Have you checked in with your liver lately? 

Have you thought about hosting a “Liver Health Clinic” day at your general practice for your patients? 


We all have a liver, and it’s quite important, but how often do we really think about it? The liver performs over 500 functions and is the heavyweight in our body. We simply cannot live without it.

Some major causes of chronic liver disease include:

  • Heavy alcohol use, hepatitis B and hepatitis C and fatty liver
  • And things that can increase the chance of worsening liver disease include:
  • Obesity, Older age and co-infection with HIV 

We are able to provide your general practice with access to a free mobile fibroscan that has the extra capacity to measure fatty change in your liver. 

To book a liver health clinic, please contact Jeanette Tibbs, our friendly outreach community nurse at nurse@hepqld.asn.au or 07 3846 0020

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