Liver Health Clinics

Posted 01 September, 2019

Chronic liver disease is a major public health problem, mainly due to viral hepatitis, fatty liver disease and dangerous levels of alcohol consumption. 1 in 4 Queenslanders are living with some form of liver disease.

How can your medical practice help?
Have you considered hosting a liver health clinic? Hepatitis Queensland can come to you and set up a free liver health clinic with our qualified outreach nurse.

What’s involved?
Hepatitis Queensland’s outreach nurse will provide:

  • Liver scans with the use of a mobile Fibroscan machine. The test will provide a fatty liver and fibrosis (liver stiffness) score.
  • Education on liver disease risk factors
  • Education on healthy lifestyle changes for better liver health

What else is involved?
Hepatitis Queensland can provide training to staff before the day of the clinic and help you to promote the event with promotional posters and resources.

Here’s what others have said about our liver clinics
“Patients are appreciative of the clinics. Jeanette gave fabulous explanations and patients advised they learnt a lot about their liver.”

More information
To book in for a liver health clinic at your practice, contact nurse@hepqld.asn.au or 07 3846 0020.

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