Community Outreach Nurse Project

Posted 01 July, 2018

After the success of the Be Liver Smart Project and Hepatitis C Elimination Action Team (HEAT) project we are expanding this service to more general practices across South East Queensland.

Utilising an integrated primary care model to encourage and support early diagnosis and treatment, the aim is to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, alleviate unnecessary tertiary referrals and reduce the rate of mortality as a result of liver cancer.

The project will continue to increase the uptake in hepatitis C testing and treatment in South East Queensland through an integrated nurse-led model for primary health care while building workforce capacity of General Practice staff.

An important achievement will be the increase in hepatitis C ready General Practices thereby increasing access opportunities and promote General Practice centred options that contribute to unnecessary tertiary hospital referrals. 

The project supports general practices across three different levels:

  • Provider Support- practice education and access to a Fibroscan machine with a qualified operator 
  • Practice Support- Practice management system tips, including assistance with PIPs and audits
  • Patients Support- health promotion resources and patient support resources

1. Building General Practice workforce capacity 

2. Scaling up hepatitis C testing and treatment rates

3. Delivering an integrated nurse led model of care in General Practice

Through engagement with General Practices, the project contributes to increasing hepatitis C testing and treatment rates to achieve hepatitis C elimination in Queensland.

To find out how our Community Nurse can assist your general practice in testing and treating for hepatitis C please contact us.

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